• Revision of legal books, related documents and financial statements within the framework of tax legislation,

• Checking conformity of corporate tax return with the legislation,

• Preparation of the annual corporate tax certification report,

• Preparation of the tax examination reports at a quarterly basis,

• Determining of retained earnings,

• Rating and certification of TUBlTAK - TEYDEB project costs,

• Certification of positive distinction from capital adjustment that would be added to capital,

• Certification of revenue exemptions from corporation tax,

• Certification of financial statements given to banks demanding credits and guarantee letters,

• Certification of other transactions foreseen by procedural tax law and law no. 3568,

• Preparing production certification report regarding Excise Duty (Special Consumption Tax) Law,

• Determination of paid capital (Determining shareholders' receivables that would be added to capital),

• Determination of tax-exempt income,

• Determination of the legality of capital increase from indigenous resources,

• Determination reports in regard of other special purposes,

• Giving advises to our customer to form their activities in a most effective way in regard of tax issues and to adapt proper tax strategy,

• Informing the amendment and current applications by the way of circulars,

• Arranging mergers and acquisitions,

• Giving advices about litigation in regard of tax issues, Protection of taxpayer rights and follow the pursuing tax examination process completely,

• Auditing on special topics and IFRS Audit,

• Finance management consultancy,

• Drowing up management reports and financial statements,

• Company Valuation Reports,

• Consultancy about the requirements of New Turkish Commercial Code ("new TCC").


Studies for determination, verification, valuation, pricing, transferring, integration and feasibility reports that to be sent to Banks and Goverment agencies are performed in accordance with law.


Our services for tax appeals and settlements are consisted of;

- To conduct a consulting review for companies that reviewed by goverment agencies.
- Settle a dispute between both goverment agencies and entities by participating in reunification meetings.


Developments in relation to financial legistlations and declarations regarding to its applications, practical information about legistlation and financial obligation calendars are sent to our customers via fax or internet for free.


VAT rules permeate every part of most businesses: our experts will help you analyze your business to identify risks and tax saving opportunities to reduce costs and improve your cash flow.

From advice on VAT registration to tax planning, the highly complex rules covering subjects such as international services, land and property, business acquisitions and disposals, out VAT team provides practical, cost-effective solutions .


Business face the increasing pressure of ever more rules and regulations, with business tax complexities often consuming a large amount of management time and effort. We will help you incorporate tax efficiency into your business planning and decision-making to put you in control of tax costs and generate long term savings. We realize that managing tax xompliance burden efficiently can have a significant impact on your business. Whether you outsource your business tax processes to us completely or simply need advice to help you streamline the paperwork and deal with specific issues, we can deliver the quick, efficient service you need.
When the tax issues seem complex you will find out business tax advice and solutions relevant, practical and cost-efficent.


As business grow and exploit opportunities overseas, they encounter many different taxes and the risk of double taxation. A tax-efficient structure is one of the keys to international success.Whether your business is enterin TR markets for the first time or expanding into other countries from a TR base, our international tax consultants will explain the options open to you and help you set up the most appropriate business vehicles and structures to achieve your long term goals.